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Why doesn’t Krytyka Polityczna set up a party and enter politics?
Sławomir Sierakowski the founder and head of Krytyka is tired of such questions. He has explained his reasons many times for not taking this step: because he believes the political system in Poland is inefficient and is obstructing the real work of the left programme as well as demanding a constant, and distracting presence in the media. Sierakowski does not want that, and that’s good for him. But what happens next? How do we build the new political left in Poland, if its most important institution refuses to enter politics?
Sierakowski has a clear answer: Krytyka Polityczna’s job is to create the intellectual foundations for the Polish left and social work.

We must ask if that is enough. Should the left really only work on “implementing the leftist discourse on Polish scene”?

The performance by Komuna Warszawa is a witty, funny but also bitter variation on the subject of Sławomir Sierakowski’s biography and his possible future. It is also an important self-ironical statement of the artists: the people of Komuna Warszawa, formerly Komuna Otwock, who had been striving to change the world for years. Some time ago they announced the fall of their ideals, which were broken after clashing with capitalistic reality and they decided to create a new theatre institution in Warsaw and focus on artistic work. The idea to write a script for their performance about Sierakowski was accepted by the subject, who provided the authors with information. However he only went to see it when it was leaving the stage…


by Magda Mosiewicz


by Magda Mosiewicz