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It is hard to be a saint today. Father Popiełuszko will see this bright and clear after returning to Earth to convince the unconvinced of his mission. Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk took the challenge of striping Father Jerzy’s biography of its institutional, catholic hagiography. And even though some members of the church hierarchy did not like it, Popiełuszko became even stronger after this operation. His figure, deprived of inhuman bronze and monumental concrete, is closer to the common people with their everyday worries, weaknesses, small joys and failures.

The performance directed by Paweł Łysak touches a painful subject in the Polish history of the 1980s, remembering the fighting against the communist system, and the repressions, it asks the question: what was it all really for if the free Poland we fought for, brings about so many doubts.



POPIELUSZKO1_0984 fot. Magda Hueckel
fot. Magda Hueckel

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directed by: Paweł Łysak
stage design, costumes: Paweł Wodziński
video projection: Remigiusz Zawadzki
music: Stefan Węgłowski
music production: Aleksander Porakh
vocals: Krystyna Nowak
sound engineer Maciej Szymborski
lights: Robert Łosicki
director's assistant: Zuzanna Korbal
Popiełuszko- Mateusz Łasowski
Antypolak- Roland Nowak
Żona- Magda Łaska
Docent Gruszka- Karolina Adamczyk
Profesor Nowak- Marian Jaskulski
Mordercy- Paweł Gilewski, Marcin Zawodziński, Marian Jaskulski
Prymas- Michał Jarmicki
stage manager: Maja Walden/ Mateusz Stebliński
prapremiere 9 czerwca 2012, Mała Scena
duration: 90 min. no intermission

A myth undergoes a test – Polish political-social theatre from the German perspective