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Six festival days and several amazing performances are behind us. It has  been pretty busy at the festival office, and everyone here is very excited about attending “Low Pieces” tonight. But what is much more relevant are impressions of the audience, and therefore I have talked to several persons after the performances. Here are the impressions.

“On Being Good”

“The performance was really complex and yet has numerous elements that are left open, out there. The last scene is obviously very interesting.”

“Perhaps the performance was a bit too long. However, I give it B-.”

“I think we need this kind of theater in order to shake up the asleep audience. At certain moments I felt that people in the audience were really uncomfortable and I felt uneasiness myself, which is good. In the end, that should be the main task of the theater.”

“This is one of those performances about which I cannot really talk in the first 24h. I really need to sleep on it.”

“There has been a lot of taking about this performance and I expected more.”

“The impressions are mixed, as the performance is not necessarily about Popiełuszko and his death, but also about this death in which we have been living for many years now.”

A brief insight from within: organizers’ impressions

“I like this kind of a dynamic theater, not realistic and documentary. Documentary is not important for me. It is important, on the other hand, to question th Catholic Church, which is more important as a part of Polish culture, then of religion. I enjoyed the emphasis of the importance of knowing about Popiełuszko, as well as about other people from other nations who contributed to the development of democracy.” Ksenia about Popiełuszko

“To Grand and Just Authority” is produced and performed by the legendary theater from Poznań, that once used to be anarchist and fresh. I do not prefer documentary theater as I mentioned, it’s rather static and this form is boring for me. I do want to read about it, but as a theatrical form, it’s rather boring”.  Ksenia

“I really liked the idea of curators meeting and discussing how art is related to their lives. It also gives a kind of a lesson to young people who would like to participate. However I think the performance should be at the end of the festival, not at the opening. It’s like talking about book on the day of its publishing, before ever reading it.”  Olga on ” The Curatos’ Piece”

“I really enjoyed “Lustro”. I love the play with darkness and light, and building of visual performance was amazing for me. I have to admit that it has left the impression on me for the entire following day.” Olga