18 edycja 18 edycja 18 edycja konfrontacje teatralne

Forget about theatre!

Forget about theatre! The motto of this year’s edition of the Festival is an invitation to go beyond the known, popular, conventional, familiar, and predictable frameworks of theatre. We will present fascinating artistic projects that balance on the edge of theatre, dance and visual art that open new ways of thinking about lperforming arts and question the role and presence of spectators in the creative process. An open and uncompromising conversation with the audience is critical for us – therefore, we have invited artists that pay special attention to creating a critical dialogue with an actively engaged audience. Among the artists in this years edition will be both world class stars and emerging talents from Poland. We will present performances created by both independent artists and established repertory theatres that stand out for their thoughtful and innovative approaches in their artistic programs. The Festival will open with “The Curator’s Piece”, a unique project that questions the role and responsibility of the curator, with a group of established curators taking part in the performance who submit themselves to the public’s judgement.


Thus, we are pleased to reveal the first point of the programme prepared for the 18th edition of the Festival „Theatre Confrontations”. The project “The Curator’s Piece”, based on the concept by Tea Tupajić and Petra Zanki, he first  will be a part of the international sectionon the first festival day, October 12th, in the venue located in the Centre for Culture in Lublin – after several years break, connected with the renovation of the building, the Festival returns to its original seat.

For more information about the performance, its makers, the idea out of which it was born and concepts significant to the entire project please visit the Events section of our website.