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Events accompanying the Festival

We hope you already had a chance to check the programme of Festival presentations and you chose the events which are most interesting for you.

The Festival – is not only about theatre. Like every year, we wouldlike to invite you to Confrontation’s Cinema – you will see absolute classics of world’s cinema, including works by Bergman, von Trier or Zelenka. The Cinema will be located in a brand new Cinema room located in the Centre for Culture’s building at Peowiaków street.

Music has always been an important part of the Festival – this year too. In the programme you will find a music theatre performance - “When the mountain changed its clothing” , other shows with live music, among them a Slovenian-Latvian coproduction “Show your face”  in which the musical accompaniment is provided love by a group Silence, as well as “Ice” by Provisorium Theatre with particpation os a string quartet. A careful viewer will also be able to find Amy Winehouse among the performers.

We also want to invite you to Festival’s Club with its daily musical propositions. The Club will be located in the Cafe of the Centre for culture. Admission to all Club’s events is free.