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My name is Ana and I will be updating you on how this year’s edition of the festival is progressing.

I am a semiotician-turned-researcher of digital humanities and a fencer; coming from a couple of places – first Serbia, then Estonia, and I am about to move to London to begin my doctoral research.

I arrived in Lublin on Monday evening to do a Residency at the festival, and for the Eastern European Performing Arts Platform.

It seems that Lublin is a place with real ups and downs in mood and temperature. My vision of the city – comfortable and quaint, home to multiple oddities and a number of unique joints – has so far lived up to expectations.

My advice to exploration-minded visitors of Lublin during the festival is definitely to visit the misty Old Town. Besides appealing restaurants, Old Town offers a number of opportunities to reward yourself with a cup of tea and some quiet time at places like Miedzy Slowami.

Outside of Old Town, among the places suggested by Ewa, Grzegorz and Olga (who are my connection to the Polish-speaking world of artists and intellectuals), a cafe on Obroncow pokoju street is the perfect destination for those seeking coziness.

Having mentioned a few specific names, it must be added that in general people here seem really friendly and tight as a community. Also, the creative output per resident is remarkable, as I have come to realize in past couple of days.

I learned from Agata, from Warshaty Cultury, that it is easy to become involved in Lublin and self-expression of all forms is celebrated. The variety of cultural activities that Lublin offers is almost too exhilarating.

In the days to follow I will try to cover the festival as a whole and bring some insights from within to my readers.

The first day already seems quite exciting, with Wojtek Ziemilski‘s “Small Narration” at 6 P.M. and “The Curator’s Piece” at 8:30 P.M.