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Box office is now open

Our viewers and theatre enthusiast will surely be glad to find out that the tickets for all Festival events are now available at the Box Office of the Centre for Culture.

The artists who will present their works during this year’s edition are uncompromising experimenters who constantly search for new solutions, are courageous in making choices, implementing them in a masterly matter. Out of respect to the public, which they treat as equals, they have rejected the traditional repertory theater to reform it from within. There are no unconscious choices of random solutions. The program of the festival sees the meeting of masters and their students.

Detailed information about the prices of tickets and the free tickets for those events for which the admission is free can be found in the Programme section of this website.

The Centre for Culture’s Box Office is located on the ground floor of the building at Peowiaków 12 street. It is open from Monday till Friday from 12.00 to 6.00 pm. You can find the information about the contact mail and phone number in the Tickets section of the website.

The tickets will be also available inonline sale from Monday, September 30th on the platform ekobilet.pl

Make sure to book your seat at the events you want to see!